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Spyrer's Hunting Preserve
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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
1:27 pm
A Trade Too Far
Another update emerges from the mists of time...
Recently, I had decided that my High Elf Warhammer Army just wasn't much fun. That may not mean much to folks reading this, so I'll try to (briefly) explain. I play Warhammer, a toy-soldier game of little painted models. My particular army of models (not painted, but converted - a term meaning extensive changes with other model parts and putty) wasn't exciting me much on the battlefield. A combination of rules and attitude about the particular army that comes from the community of other Warhammer players, I believe.

So, I decided to get rid of it. A good way to get rid of your army and pick up a new one is trading over the internet. A fellow from Sweden had a nicely painted Dwarf army and was willing to trade. So, we got busy...the trade was to take place on the 20th of August. I sent my stuff off UPS with a tracking number, a nice 130$ out of pocket. The Sweden guy, well, he's been taking his time. He's been sick. The package got a little lost. He thought I lived in England. And so forth. The good news is, I got an e-mail from him today saying the shipment is heading out tomorrow and UPS will handle everything tonight.

The funny part of all this is international language. When my pal in Sweden thought I lived in England, he signed all his e-mails with "cheers, mate."

Now that he knows I'm an American, I get "thanks dude."

Is that funny, or what? :)
Monday, May 24th, 2004
4:00 pm
Games Day report
Games Day 2004 happened this weekend, so here’s my Games Day report. Ya know it’s funny that they call it Games DAY when it takes place over two days. Anyhoo, it was a ton of fun!
On Saturday I showed up around 8, found parking, and set up my area. I was running a Bretonnian Joust event between 10-12 and 2-4. The Joust was a lot of fun…it was my idea, the studio head liked it, so we made up a bunch of signs, ribbons, and certificates while I painted a bunch of knights and we stole all the “jousting” terrain we could find. It was a smashing success…I had jousters start to finish and I actually kept jousting even after the first session was supposed to be over. Terlan showed up during the second session, tried the game out, and even helped me run the event when we were really crowded. Thanks bro!

There were a number of clubs there with special terrain tables, some of which were freakin’ amazing! My favorite was an “air joust” table, using Bretonnian Pegasus knights and a vertical board studded with rocks. The game played just like that old 80’s arcade game Joust, and it looked awesome!

In addition, the store had some limited edition minis on sale, so I picked some up. I also got some event t-shirts (the minis and the shirts I missed out on last time at LA) so things were looking up. I ended up leaving one t-shirt behind, which sucks, but it’s only 8$ down the drain. Burger King is where I ate lunch and breakfast on Sunday. Breakfast was terrible, but lunch was good! BK has a new burger, the Angus, which is like a steakburger. Mmmm.

I was real tired both days, but I managed to get some sleep at least so I wasn’t quite “the walking dead”. Sunday I ran the Storm of Chaos staff display area. Due to a small snafu, we didn’t have a heck of a lot to display, so my job was absurdly easy. It was fun talking to people about the Storm of Chaos and I got a LOT of comments about my Merwyrm. Folks complimented me, asked me how I made it, and took a lot of pictures. I was VERY happy. Getting that kind of attention is my reward for working hard on that model!

In other news, Terlan got me the Jem DVD boxed set for my birthday, which is awesome! Thanks again, bro! It’s also the one and only gift I got this year, besides being taken out to dinner on Friday. I went with Terlan, Xpioti, and some mutual friends and colleagues from work, Harry Heckel and his wife Heather. Dinner was wonderful, more in the conversation and the company than in the quality of the food, but Dutch’s Daughter wasn’t horrible…just horribly busy!

So, here I am back at work today. No weekend for me, really – which would explain why I am rather brainfried. I am afraid not much real work is going to get done today. I still need some recovery time! Nonetheless, Games Day was a heck of a lot of fun. Jousting was so successful, I want to run another event at the next Games Day (Chicago, but I may have to wait until next year’s Baltimore). I am considering some kind of Dreadnought boxing event and a tactics seminar.
Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
4:44 pm
Midweek moment
*Groan* I have so much modeling to do! I do have an extra day off coming up soon, and that day has been slated for model work. Bah. Honestly, I do enjoy it, I just don’t like the thought of having SO MUCH work left undone. I’ll feel better once I get some progress made on things, I am certain of it. So, what do I have to do? I’ll tell you: First, I need to get my Imperial Guard finished. It would be a big load off my mind if I could whip these guys into shape. Doing so entails looking over 100+ models for touch-up work, fixing a couple of broken antennas, highlighting and inking, adding transfers and unit markers, and working on a bunch of models I hate (the heavy weapons troopers). Second, I need to get my Arbites up and running. Doing so isn’t as hard as the IG, for I have a lot fewer Arbites. However, their paint jobs are a bit more involved, so that’s still a big chunk of time painting. Third, I need to get my Lothern Seaguard up and running. Again, not too terribly difficult. Minimal conversion at this point and the army isn’t terribly big. Still, it’ll take more than a weekend’s work. Next, I still need to get my Bretonnians and Lizardmen in some sort of playable shape, but they’re low on the totem pole at this point.

Yeah, so, enough bellyaching! Complete Divine came out! HOODY HOO! This is the WOTC book I edited, probably the biggest/most recognized/widest read thing I’ve ever done for the gaming industry. I’m super-pumped. The best part is: many of my suggestions to the design team got incorporated into the final product. YES!

Looks like I might be doing a signing at Other Realms. Hoody Hoo part 2! I’ll be sure to post once I know the date and time.

Wheeee, I am working on Black Gobbo for nearly every issue coming up this year! That’s great…my ambition is to be as involved as possible with Gobbo, since I really care about it’s quality and I think it’s a really super-neat part of the Games Workshop Hobby and an example for the gaming industry of the power of a free online magazine.

So, overall, things are going well!
Monday, May 17th, 2004
12:31 pm
Ye gods
I always knew Mondays are busy...you've got all the stuff due at the end of the week (or sooner) to get ready for, plus anything from last week you need to catch up on. Still, today's been even busier than normal, which is good. The morning just FLEW by.

In other news, things are looking up on the publications front. KODT #90 had my Screen Monkey article, although under the wrong name, and Complete Divine just came out (yay, I can talk about it at last!) my first WOTC book (I edited it).

In other, other news, I've even been invited to do a book signing at Other Realms! Hoody freakin' hoo! Wouldn't that kickass?

Today is supposed to be the day I trade off the comics I don't want anymore to the store. Wish me luck, hopefully Brainstorm will take all this crap off my hands :)

Sinuses still acting up a bit. Blech *achoo*. Games day and 29th birthday continue to approach. Not much else to say right now, although I will say this: Great things are in the works. Gears are turning, and for the first time, some progress may at last be made on things long left undone.
Friday, May 14th, 2004
5:09 pm
Warning! B-Day approaching!
Yep, I turn 29 next weekend. Saturday the 22nd to be precise. If you want to come celebrate with me...come to Baltimore Games Day! I'll be running the Bretonnian Joust event!

Yeah, I know, using my birthday as a lure to get people out to games day is a bit raw, but it's all I've got! :)

The big 3-0 approacheth.
12:26 pm
Here comes the weekend
So, in short, today's a good day. Getting things done. Another White Dwarf article, and that makes me feel good.

In other news, lots of hobby stuff to do this weekend. Lots. It never ends. Damn. I'm going to be working on models 'till I die and I still won't be done.

Meanwhile, the hat I tossed into the ring on a couple of things got tossed out. Yeah, no freelancing for me right now, which is kind of a bummer. Oh well, more free time for me!

Next weekend is Games Day, which means I'll be working. Mad overtime, but precious little free time. So, I am determined to enjoy this weekend and relax. Even with tons of hobby things clamoring to get done.
Thursday, May 13th, 2004
12:35 pm
Time to speak
Okay, no lame "blah blah blah" update today. I could tell you about some wierd stories I read this morning, or the traffic, or the fact that I'm getting stuff done today and that's nice...but I won't.

It's time for me to talk about these Iraq prison pictures.
I have to say that when the whole war on Iraq began, I thought it was a good idea. We were getting rid of a bad guy, going to make the world a better place. I was tempted to re-join the army. I wished I could be out there supporting my friends. I have two very good friends right now serving over in Iraq. One is SPC Josh Dowdell, a computer specialist and armor crewman, and the other is Gunnery Sergeant Bryant Smith, a Marine tank commander. These two guys have been fighting for our freedom. Not so long ago I stood at their side and served with them.

I still support my friends and want them to be safe and succeed in whatever they do. But I have to say I'm actually rather glad I'm not in the army right now. To be in the army at this time would be...awkward. Embarassing. I have to say that right now, I am ashamed of our military. To let things like this happen is just not right. As my friend Josh says, there are SO many ways to get information out of people, to put the psychological pressure on them. SO MANY WAYS that do not involve humiliation or torture. Many many methods that are condoned by the Geneva conventions. Why in god's name are we resorting to these juvenile pranks to get folks to talk?

Unless it's all a smokescreen. Unless there are just some folks over in Iraq who are sadistic poor excuses for human beings that enjoy making fun of folks who can't fight back. If that's true, then I am even more glad not to be among them.

I have no idea how all this is going to turn out. But I know who to be proud of - Bryant, Josh, you guys are the best. Everyone else - if you had anything to do with humiliating the folks in that prison, or do anything similar elsewhere in Iraq - I don't want to know you. I'm ashamed of you. And you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Not the strongest language, I'll admit. But the situation in Iraq is a mess. There's just no other way to put it. Despite all our noble intentions, later generations are going to look at Iraq and see another Vietnam. A quagmire where we lost more of our "innocence" about ourselves and where the world sees America as less of a shining example and more as a country with feet of clay.

Can we recover? I think so. It will take time, and it will take determination, and it will take people standing up for what's right. Hopefully we can do that. I know I can.

Without letting this run on too long, I'll just say that folks in the military royally screwed up. I want some heads to roll. I want some top brass taking the hits. I want to see command-level changes. I want to see some sweeping alterations in the way the US Army does buisness. I want this to happen ASAP.

Because, dammit...there was a time I was proud to be a soldier.
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
12:47 pm
Winning Streak
Right now my Witch Hunters are 5 and 1, which is a pretty nice winning streak for me. Much better than my beloved Guard, who are down 1-4. This game I had today was part of our lunchtime league here at the office.

More fun stuff, had a meeting today for ideas for Gobbo. I like writing for Gobbo. Writing for White Dwarf is, frankly, harder. First, it's an assignment instead of coming up with something cool to write. Second, there's a certain style you need to adhere to, and, at times, that can make it difficult. However, all this is not to say that I don't enjoy writing for Dwarf, in fact, I consider it very rewarding. I'm just having a tough time with an article right now.

In other news...MUST paint the Merwyrm this weekend. Plus, I have to try and remember to finish up Blue's mini and Kresh's mini for my weekend D&D game.

Sounds like I will be getting some bennies from Kenzer and Company soon! Hoody hoo! Oh, note to self: Go to comic shop and subscribe or go online so that I don't miss any KODT.

Lots of wandering, blathering really, I know. My apologies. Still on a sugar rush and the thrill of victory :)
Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
12:23 pm
Yep, another tuesday
Spent most of yesterday morning and early afternoon struggling with a migraine headache. However, I took 3 pills (big dose for me) and was FINE the rest of the day. Woot!

Getting progress done on many things today, I like feeling productive. Nice day outside, which means I'm looking forward to being home :)

Games Day Baltimore is coming up. Please attend if you can, tickets are cheap (I think you can even get free tickets for most events) I'll be running a Bretonnian Joust on Saturday and I'll be the custodian for some of the display cases on Sunday.

I'm having a hard time finding folks in our 40K league to play. Right now I end up playing the same guys twice :)
Playing at all is good though so I can't complain too loudly.
Meanwhile, our personnel here continue to shrink. It's depressing to see so many folks leaving us, good people too. I'll miss a lot of them.

Not much else to say. Caught up on a bit of sleep last night so feeling good right now. I'll try to get some more modeling work done tonight.
Monday, May 10th, 2004
11:09 am
Quick Update
Had dinner with Mike Surbrook friday night at Chili's. Food was good, but Mike turned out to be a great guy! We had a lot in common, a great conversation, and I may even end up with some folks to share my room with at Gen Con! Hoody Hoo!

Stayed up all night on Friday for a 12-hour painting marathon. I got my witch hunters (and some of my guard!) ready for Saturday's tournament. My standard bearer and Excorcist look great!

Saturday I played in the tournament at Frederick's HobbyTown USA. Great store, probably the best of its kind I've ever visited. Games were all fun (more on them later) and I won all three! I am sure I would've either won overall or been in the top three without a problem, but I chose not to accept any prizes since I work for GW. Had a lot of fun, which is always the point, and the HobbyTown is just a few blocks from my house! Awesome!

Sunday, I slept 12 hours from Saturday night and felt rested. Watched Smallville and Enterprise - Woot! Both shows are ramping up towards the season finale and both shows are kicking much butt IMHO.

So, now, this week at work I am supposed to play 4 games in our league. Next week we increase to 750 points, so I will add some more Seraphim and another Excorcist to my force (since both performed well in the tournament) and replace my Stormtroopers with some Retributors (which will give Tau and Guard fits!) - assuming that the missions we play will allow me to use my heavy support choices, that is...

Anyway, I might write up more on the tournament later if I have time. Yayyy monday!
Friday, May 7th, 2004
12:20 pm
Wow, I think this may be the first time I have ever been entirely unexcited by the approach of the weekend. Maybe it's because I'm insanely busy trying to get my IG and Witch Hunter armies ready for games (there's a tournament in Frederick on Saturday I'd like to attend). Maybe I'm still suffering a bit from wednesday's sickness. Who knows. I'm incredibly apathetic today about anything & everything.

I'm supposed to have dinner with Mike Surbrook tonight at Arundel Mills. I have a free ticket to Van Helsing but I think I'll only use it if Mike doesn't show up. Who's Mike Surbrook you ask? He's a fellow game designer/writer guy who I've corresponded with off and on for many years now. The guy's kind of aloof, but now that we live in the same state there's very little reason NOT to get together at least once. I want to talk to him about HERO and the stuff he's done for that game. Might be nice. Heck, you never know, there may even be a game I can join in somewhere in his neck of the woods! (Laurel, or Columbia, I think)

Finished kit-bashing the Excorcist tank last night. I need to spray it some more and paint it up and DONE. Got out my IG last night to see my boys standing proud. It's sad to think I've had more than 5 months to work on these guys and they're STILL NOT DONE. Okay, sure, there's a lot of 'em, but damn. I need to get to work. If I had my druthers I'd reschedule dinner, drop the tournament, and spend all weekend painting.


That seems too much like failure (a line I used last night as well). So, instead, I'll go to dinner, then stay up insanely late to work on my minis for the tournament tomorrow. Then, saturday night and sunday I'll continue work for games at the office next week. Whee! Actually, as much as I complain about painting, it is a fun activity. I find it relaxing. However, it's kind of a pain, especially when the cats want attention and are shedding all over the object you're trying to get paint or glue on :/

So, what do I have to get done tonight before sleep? I have four tanks assembled and primed that need to be painted. 1 Tank that needs to be assembled, primed, and painted. As many infantry guys as I can get done - I have 10 that are assembled, primed, and started painting that need serious touch-up work. 13 More that need painting. Army lists printed. Prep for tournament (bases for my IG, names printed for model bases, etc.) Woooooooo! Long night ahead, esp. considering I doubt I will get home long before 9 PM :)
Thursday, May 6th, 2004
4:32 pm
Short update
Yep, I am at work, and busy, so this will be short.
Yesterday I was sick, real sick, all morning. No, I'm not pregnant! I had some major sinus issues though, but I seem to be over it more or less. Wow, it just suddenly hit me around 3 AM and didn't let up until around noon.

Got some nifty modelling done, hoody hoo! Also, got to watch some good TV. Yum, the Shield.

Looks like Baltimore Games Day will be a lot of fun, we are getting to do more "what we want" stuff there so I am trying to get involved in some seminars, be the caretaker for a Storm of Chaos display, and run a Bretonnian Jousting event. Yee ha, more overtime!! Not much more to say, except I am beginning to give more serious thought to starting some kind of game company just so I can get all these ideas in my head published somehow. Well, it'd be nice. Don't hold your breath. :)
Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
12:16 pm
Tuesday, a.k.a. Tyr's Day
Spoke to Terlan last night about goals, priorities, where we wanted to be 10 years from now 10 years ago, that sort of thing. I think eventually I decided that while I have some strong, definite goals that are really eating at me, I just don't have the time to fully commit to them right now. So, books are on hold ATM, but DAMN am I hungry to write some novels!

Meanwhile, work continues to be very cool. I am doing fun stuff, although sometimes I feel like most of my creative energy is spent here, meaning I have very little left for personal things at home. Plus, the hour-long commute (longer if bad traffic) is starting to wear on me.

My friends in Louisville got their book back from the printer and are sending 'em out. Good job, guys!

I'm getting a little more excited about my Witch Hunters army. Part of the reason, I think, is that I am converting a great deal of the army from standard Arbites and Enforcers models. Converting is fun! Speaking of which, the UK guys saw my Merwyrm and liked it. Now, I just need to paint that sucker.

New Shield tonight - woo! Season 1 and 2 should be here soon as well.

Tylor continues to highly amuse me, even the second time around. I love how everything he does LOOKS like genius, and leaves the audience guessing as to whether he's brilliant or a fool.

Put together a new resume and writing samples last night. I made a few mistakes, bleh. Oh well. Now that I am super-editor-man it shouldn't be too hard to come up with a sparkling, error-free resume for next time. Last night I polished it up in around twenty minutes, so I didn't spare time for proofreading. My own fault.
Monday, May 3rd, 2004
5:08 pm
Wow, am I tired. I think I may be on the verge of a migraine and eyestrain is threatening to become a problem. Day is almost over. Must...hold...out...another fifteen minutes.

In other news, Jolly wrote me back and I'll get a retraction printed in KODT #91. Apparently there really WAS a guy named Ross Martin who submitted some stuff so I guess with two Ross's things were bound to get screwed up :)
12:34 pm
Ugh, difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning. There always seems to be SO MUCH to do these days! Basically, I am trying to put together two armies, finish a third, and complete my Mordheim warband at the same time. In addition, I'm keeping up my D&D character and getting involved in other side projects at the same time :) Wheee!

Back when I was a freelancer, this stuff would be no sweat, but now, I just don't have enough free time. I'm pretty sure I'll have to abandon something along the way, I'm just not sure what right now.

RENEGADE LEGION - I am super hot for this game. It's an old game from the 90's, basically one game setting (a futuristic rebellion-vs-evil-empire semi-roman thing) with multiple games involved (a tank game, a fighter game, an RPG, etc.) I'm burning up Ebay and Amazon trying to find pieces of this game so I can get a good (if not complete) collection.

Terlan and I are watching Irresponsible Captain Tylor - this will be my second time, but seeing it now reminds me how dated the show is. Tylor came out in 93 I think so it's over 10 years old now and showing its age a bit. But don't let that fool you! The show is FANTASIC and FUNNY! I love Tylor and I'm darn glad I own the series. Now I just need to pick up the OVAs sometime...

Okay, so I threw my hat in the ring for Green Ronin's Warhammer stuff and for some BESM stuff coming down the pipe. We'll see if I get any nibbles or not. It'd be nice if I did, but I'm not counting on anything to happen.

Meanwhile, my article "Screen Monkey No More" was published in KODT #90. Which is great! But there are 2 problems. 1, I was told the article would be in #91, so it's a little early...no big deal, though. 2, they said the article was by Ross MARTIN. WTF? Who's this martin guy!? Jolly is going to get an interesting e-mail from me today, let me tell you what :)

I have a chance to see Van Helsing friday night...or I can meet up with Mike Surbrook (someone I've wanted to meet for a while). Or possibly do both. I'm not sure yet.
Friday, April 30th, 2004
5:05 pm
Yeah, so, as I was saying...
Green Ronin's got GW's licenses for RPG's. Which is cool GR is a good company. Kind of makes me wish I was working on that stuff. I'm somewhat tempted to contact them and see if they have some freelancer opportunities (seeing as how I have an inside track!).

It's going to be a good weekend I think. Spent some money today (cleared out 2 pages of wish list @ Amazon, yay!) and I went ahead and ordered the first two seasons of The Shield. Now there is one kick-butt show. You should all be watching it :)

If only they'd come out with more Smallville collections. I missed an episode this week. Crap. Hopefully that won't happen again :)

So, yeah. I'm addicted to Smallville and The Shield. Could be worse.

Now, as for TV Shows...I am sure this will be heresy to some of my readers, no doubt. I don't like Buffy. Any flavor of Buffy, to include Angel. Those shows just...don't grab me. I don't HATE them, but I do have a sizeable dislike of the shows. So, there you have it. Flame away! :)
1:06 pm
Yum! Payday!
Yep, got a positive balance in the account. With all the overtime from last weekend, I was able to PAY OFF MY CREDIT CARD. So, while I am not debt-free, I just got a lot closer. Hoody hoo!

Undefeated turned down my Sportsmanship article. I think it might not have been 'edgy' enough for Undefeated's "take no prisoners" style. I am inquiring to see if I can revise.

Warhammer and 40K got licensed by Green Ronin. More thoughts on this later. Gotta get back to work.
Thursday, April 29th, 2004
4:58 pm
Good day
Like the subject says, today's been a good day. Started out slow, with me barely able to roll out of bed, but I've been busy all day (which makes me smile) and I get to do cool things tomorrow, which is good as well.

I like results, I like doing STUFF. All too often I end up not doing enough stuff at my desk, so today's been good in that respect. Also, I got a kudos from my boss. Apparently I've been doing really well! Yay! He asked me "got any concerns?" and I got a chance to tell him I'd like to be more incorporated into one or more areas in the studio. Basically, as it stands right now, I'm not really on anyone's "team". I'm on the editing "team" but that never comes up since all the editors are spread out (our Web editor, for example, is part of the "Web team"). We had a visitor from the UK come into the office and one of our bigwigs was showing him around our area. "Here's the White Dwarf team...here's the web team...here's the graphics team. Okay? Done." And I'm sitting here going "well, damn" cuz I never got to meet the guy. I wasn't involved in any of the "team" things. I get invited to Gobbo meetings, but only as a courtesy. I'm not on the "gobbo team" and I really really want to be. So it's nice to get a chance to communicate that to my boss.

My boss is really cool. Really really. So nobody complain about him!

In other news, well, there's just some things I'd rather not hash out over LJ, but it would be nice to get a cup of coffee and unburden myself sometime. Occasionally I get depressed (I've been diagnosed with clinical depression back in the Army, and it's presumed that my mother's suicide was directly related to post-pardem depression) but I've become extremely good at talking myself out of it. On the one hand, it means I'm rarely down for long or very intensely. On the other hand, it means I rarely get comforting :)

Which is not to say I am complaining. Just explaining. :)

D&D game this weekend. I am looking forward to it. The game is going pretty well, although the party's goals and the DM's adventures sometimes seem to crisscross with hilarious results. Adventure in site A? No, you dropped a clue about site C, so we'll pass through site B to get there. :)

My job rocks, that's just all there is to it. I wouldn't trade this for anything else that I can imagine :)
Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
4:30 pm
Yep, Another day
So far, haven't heard anything from my buddy Josh over in Iraq. GW sent him around 10,000 bucks worth of product as a "care package" for the troops in the field. Hope it reached him okay.

Not much to report here, work proceeds. One of the cool things about working in Promotions is I get to see the new stuff before almost anyone else. :)

Landlord deserves some grumbling. For the price we are paying for the townhouse rent (not super-expensive, but not cheap), we shouldn't have the stress this guy generates. He wants to put plants in the backyard to prettify. Fine, go ahead, we never use it. He wants to inspect the air conditioner and call in an exterminator. Fine, okay, just STOP SCHEDULING this stuff without asking us first!! 8 AM Saturday morning is too freakin' early. Terlan's working 'til 10 PM or later some nights and frankly I'm not getting enough sleep during the week with all my projects so weekends is where I catch up. *grumble grumble* Hopefully we can ask him (nicely) to change his ways. Seems like a reasonable fellow.

Whee, gaming night! I get to field some forces I've been working on for a while. Played a game at lunch and won! Woo! Not much more to say, really. Life continues apace.

Oh, do a web search for the "ebay wedding dress guy". It's hilarious.
Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
3:48 pm
I'm known!
Almost forgot...some folks there knew me from White Dwarf, and some even knew of my Black Gobbo articles. My room-mate at the convention, a guy from one of the LA Stores, said he was glad someone had the balls to write about cheese - and that was me!

Some kids wanted to take a picture with me - said I looked just like their physics teacher. Wierd! At the end of the show, they wanted me to sign their badges. So, right next to the UK Special Guest's name, there's mine scrawled in there. :)

I promise, I'm NOT a physics teacher in disguise!

Lots of fun, tiring, but lots of fun. Baltimore GD is on May 22-23rd, my 29th birthday. Anyone who reads this that wants to come, do it! You can get a free ticket at the door good for some fun events.
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